ModernHouses – a change management simulation

ModernHouses – a change management simulation

About this simulation

This simulation is about a family company that builds traditional houses. The father is leading the company and his son and daughter are managing the teams. The company buys the designs from an architect, sells the house to a customer and starts building the house with a team of workers.

The world is changing and economical and environmental aspects become more and more important. The son is taking over the company and decides to change the business model and the company structure.

ModernHouses is going to design, sell and deliver cheap, and environmental proof houses for young people who can hardly find suitable houses.

Your goal:

  1. Change the companies structure
  2. Change the business processes
  3. Develop a complete new set of competences in the teams of ModernHouses

Change Management aspects in this simulation

  1. Applying different change approaches like waterfall, agile or hybrid).
  2. Applying a set of change management principles.
  3. Deal with multiple (13) changes in this simulation.
  4. 16 Change approaches and related actions.
  5. Constant monitoring of progress and effects.

Target Audience

Business and Management teams can learn how to develop the best change approach for the own organization

Team Leads and learn how to facilitate and support change in and with their own teams

Team employees can learn how to deal with changes in their own work space


Other Aspects of this simulation

This simulation is available in an online format and can be played with 9 participants for a period of 8 hours.

There is also a classroom version in progress.

Each game is facilitated by a game leader.

Participant do not need to have detailed knowledge about Change Management.


This simulation support the APMG Change Management(tm) foundation program. It will help to practice the learnings from this training



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