The Greatest Move™

The Greatest Move™

  • Design and apply business processes
  • Evaluate exsiting processes
  • Align porocesses to strategic goals and KPIs
  • Embed processes in People, Process and Technology
  • Design effective management information to support and enable processes

Do you recognize this?

In time of financial uncertainty organizations turn to reengineering and redesigning processes to drive out wasted cost. The rapidly changing global market and increased competition is also forcing many organizations to reengineer and design new processes to become more agile. Growing consumer and customer demands are forcing many organizations to reengineer their processes to deliver customer value. However many organizations fail to gain the hoped for results from investments in Business Process Management (BPM) and process reengineering initiatives.

Why is this?

GamingWorks conducted assessments using its ‘Greatest Move’ business simulation to identify key reasons for BPM initiatives failing to deliver value. These are the key findings:

  1. Many orgaizations invest in expensive ERP systems or software systems hoping these will improve their processes. They fail to apply an integrated approach to people, process, technology.
  2. Too little involvement of the end-to-end chain in assessing, reviewing and redesigning the processes.
  3. Too little focus on the customer value. How does the process deliver value?
  4. Unclear and poorly implemented tasks, roles and responsibilities for process activities
  5. Too little understanding of information needs and agreements to support and enable the process.

“During this simulation we designed a perfect process flow on the wall, however getting people to follow the process is something totally different, you could see it all fall apart before your eyes. Unclear roles and esponsibilities, unclear agreements on information capture and use.”

About this ‘The Greatest Move’™ simulation


The team plays the employees of the company ‘World Wide Movers’ a company that moves a wide variety of objects around the world such as animals, household goods, expensive cars and many more. The director must improve the performance of the company and has decided to implement BPM principles.

The basis for this initiative is a strategy map and a set of related KPI’s. In preparation for the 3 rounds the team will design and implement their business processes.

During the rounds they will Execute their processes and monitor and control them. If ‘World Wide Movers’ proves that their processes are well organized and executed and the customer is satisfied, they have a great chance to win the ‘Greatest Move’, the largest move in their history.

In each round the team will receive customer requests. They have to make timely, accurate and acceptable proposals. They must transport the objects on time and deliver as agreed. Events will challenge the team.

After each round a dashboard (with the KPI’s) will show the performance of the company and the team will have the chance to improve their Business Processes.


The learning objectives are dependant upon what your organization is trying to achieve, where you are on your Process improvement journey and the problems and issues you are trying to solve. These are some of the objectives achieved during this training:

  • How to translate Business Objectives to Key Performance Indicators
  • How to design Business processes to achieve a set of key performance indicators
  • How to evaluate and improve processes
  • How to define and embed clear roles and responsibilities
  • How to monitor and steer processes
  • Learn the basis terminology and principles of BPM
Duration of the simulation 1 day
 Number of participants  8 – 12
 Basic expertise  Basic understanding of Process management

Interested in The Greatest Move™?

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