Cloudy weather ahead

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I was prompted to write this as I sat contemplating in the aircraft returning from a recent European tour. As the aircraft descended from the glorious blue sky’s and fluffy white clouds into the dull, grey turbulance I was struck by a thought.  I can’t seem to turn around these days without somebody saying the word cloud to me. Whenever I get invited to give presentations people ask me if I have cloud in my presentation and if not will I add a reference to cloud.  As a result just about every hardware, software and service provider on the planet suddenly has something unique to say and, and of course to sell,  relating to cloud. This prompted my latest outpouring….or should I say downpouring.

Here is the weather forecast for the coming period: Cloudy patches ahead

‘On the whole it will be generally cloudy everwhere’ (all IT providers will be spouting forth cloud).

‘A large depression will be sweeping over ITSM land’ (as IT service providers see their offerings being offered over the cloud and cloud providers promising a silver lining and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

‘There is a very large cloud bank heading this way…’(hardware and software providers – will have filled up their bank accounts as a result of linking all of their products and services to the cloud).

There will be a rumble of thunder in some clouds’ (as cloud providers promise everything under the sun and even position cloud computing as a solution to global warming and world peace).

Some clouds will bring unsettled weather and a high chance of  precipitation’ (tears will flow when those who didn’t take it seriously find out they should have taken an umbrella and be prepared, some will be the tears of getting it all horribly wrong and believing the weather forecasters who promised a cloudless sky….good weather, plain sailing and all the other feeble weather related analogies).

‘Occasional bouts of sunshine between the clouds which will cause some of the clouds to dissipate’ (some stories will be good, there will be sound cases and results between the hype and the whisply clouds that fade away as the light of reason shines upon them).

‘Generally the clouds will bring unsettled weather to the users…….have a Nice day!’


I have just realized that with the “cloud” the Customer and Service Culture (see recent blog)  is going to get even worse! The User will become some mythical being that lives in the ether…the clouds, with all the mythical angelic or godlike qualities of a ‘cloud being’ stripped from them. These cloud beings becoming de-humanized avatar figures known only by the digital footprint they leave behind them. They exist only as an amount of transactions or the size of their mail-box, or the megabytes of data they excrete upon the pristine IT systems of the unseen technology provider. ……Oh help! I see the dark clouds forming on the horizon for the users. Thunderbolts and lightening very very frightening……

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