Simone Jo Moore

Lieu dit Campanole, 46350 Lamothe-Fenelon in France

With an approach that engages you in a depth of knowledge, collaboration and sense of humour that is thought provoking, interesting and relevant, Simone explores the minds and hearts of what makes business and IT tick. Although focused on bottom line results, Simone believes in making time for the people – “they matter and it’s important to help them eliminate the barriers or get creative within them!”

A globally recognised Service Management expert, Simone she shares her 20+ years of experience in strategic and operational business design, development and transformation across many Social Media Channels. She thoroughly enjoys the repartee that leads to evolution and revolution to jumpstart people’s thinking, behaviour and actions at any level. Simone favours bringing the practical balance of four core business principles into being within your environment – people connected, knowledge shared, possibilities discovered and potential realised.

As an Australian living in France and working internationally across multiple countries, Simone is experiencing a new language, culture and way of working that’s giving her a new perspective on the world and ITSM. Simone Jo Moore specialises in customer service, strategic planning, organisational development, change management and human resources and holds specific industry qualifications in IT, Contact Centres and Service Desk and is a member of the HDI Faculty and on the International Certification Standards Committee (ICSC), Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) and ITSM expert.

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