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itSMF Norway conducted a CIO top meeting at the start of their 2012 annual conference.  The theme of the conference wasSimply the Best!’. The CIO Top meeting had a number of international experts and Customers presenting ITSM trends, challenges and issues confronting CIOs. The conference also launched a new itSMF book aimed at ‘C’ level managers and IT decision makers. The book was entitled ‘The Start of something big!’. The book was an initiative by itSMF Norway and sponsored by the itSMF publications committee,  to produce a series of books and articles by industry experts, giving pragmatic, practical advice to CIOs in relation to challenging CIO themes. Perhaps this is the start of something big for itSMF. Reaching out to CIOS and providing some thought and practice leadership on ‘C’ level topics, and providing international itSMF chapters with potential themes and expert speakers for their congresses.

What were some of the topics and conclusions from the CIO top? Unfortunately I could only understand the English speaking parts of the session. Speakers included Mike Orzan who focused on Lean thinking and the conclusion that ‘Learning is the Ultimate objective’, in order to realize sustainable results. David Caldwell from Heineken focused on Kotter and ITIL and explained how using Kotter , Heineken succeeded in an IT transformation that engaged the whole of IT and realized significant, sustainable results. Tore Lybekk, CIO of VNG gave a case on how he was transforming ITSM capabilities based upon ITIL, using lean thinking and ABC of ICT. Ingrid Riddervold Lorange, Operations manager of Telenor presented some lessons learned from major network outages. The importance of Culture and the importance of learning through failure – not a culture of blame.

Key takeaway’s from the CIO sessions, that seemed to be the common success factors from all the speakers were:

  • It is time to wake up! Transformational change seems to be what the customer cases were showing. Simply the best means facing up to the reality that ITSM is a strategic capability, and making the necessary  transformation happen. IT leadership is all about transformational leadership.
  • Developing a Learning organization, in which CSI is a core capability. Improving your work IS your work. Capabilities need to be aligned with ever increasing change and an ever increasing rapid pace of change. If change is the norm, then the capability to change is a core requirement. In terms of ITSM this means that CSI is a core capability.
  • Improve in small steps, with a clear alignment to Business Value and Risks to prioritize the improvements. Don’t be too ambitious with the amount and scope of change , but start with small steps and consolidate and expand these based upon demonstrated results.
  • Making people responsible for changes, giving them mastery, autonomy and purpose. The people themselves are in the best position to know what needs changing and need to be empowered and enabled to make change happen.
  • Leadership is required. Leaders must facilitate, enable, empower. Recognizing success and holding people accountable for their responsibilities and agreements.
  • Culture and behavior are the key components. Recognizing that problems are good! Problems afford the chance to evaluate, to learn, to grow, to improve.
  •  Leaders must foster a culture of ownership, a culture of CSI, a culture which is not a ‘blame’ culture. As Gene Kranz Flight Director of Apollo 13 once told us, everybody is allowed to fail in our simulations. We embrace failure for the opportunity it gives us to learn, to be proactive in preventing future failures. However we do not accept making the SAME mistake twice!

My conclusion for senior IT managers?. IT ‘managers’ is an ITSM 1.0 concept.  ITSM 2.0 in which ITSM is a strategic capability means IT managers must become IT leaders. Leading and sustaining change. Leading for sustainable results. Leading empowered teams and professionals towards a shared purpose and set of goals.

If you want to get hold of a copy of the pocket book ‘The Start of Something Big’ contact itSMF Norway or Kirstie Magowan at itSMF publications.

The book includes the following authors and themes:

                    Sharon Taylor: Service Management and Cloud Computing – An Oxymoron

                    David Cannon: Changing IT’s contribution from Cost to Contribution

                    Paul Wilkinson: ABC of ICT – The #1 Critical Success or Fail Factor for ITSM

                    George Spalding: ITIL is CSI

                    Stephen Mann: Is Anyone Questioning Your Value

                    Mark Smalley: Business Information Management

                    Mike Orzan: What evry CEO needs to know about Lean IT

                    Colin Rudd: Personalities, relationships and Communication

                    Barry derksen & Jerry Luftman: CIO Concerns & trends – 2012

                    Ian Clayton: Universal Service Management

                    Mark Chillingworth: Information Value Offers the CIO a Powerful future

                    Jon Iden: Setting the Stage for a Successful ITIL Adoption

                    James Finister: Service Integration: Sourcing for the Future

                    Jan Schilt: Most Training Programs are a Waster of Time, Cost and Effort

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