Fly4You – a SAFe® Business simulation (online and classroom)

Fly4You – a SAFe® Business simulation (online and classroom)

About this simulation

In this 4 round simulation a team of 8 students will work in different roles within Fly4You. Their job is to translate the business goals and milestones into working products to achieve the business goals set by the CEO. However just like reality. There are conflicting business demands and goals from the various business line managers. Too many demands for available resources. The IT organization also needs to make investments to scale up and enable business agility using new technologies. At the same time as realizing the business goals the team has to adopt these new ‘scaled agile ways of working’ causing even more demands on scarce resources.

Learning Outcomes

General outcomes

  • How can we organize digital transformation programs?
  • What are the key elements of a SAFe® approach?
  • How can SAFe® principles benefit the organization?
  • What is the impact of this way of working for an organization and how can we deal with this?
  • How to involve all stakeholders when ‘implementing’ this way of working?

Specific outcomes

  • How to define a Strategic Theme?
  • How to prioritize Features and Enablers on a Program Backlog?
  • How to prepare for a successful PI Planning?
  • How to execute a PI Planning?
  • How to involve Business roles in this process?
  • How to prepare a Program Board?
  • How to work with multiple teams focussing on the same outcomes?
  • How to be flexible and scalable when building new systems and services?
  • How to implement a SAFe® ‘culture’ in an organization?

Who is this simulation for?

This simulation is for managers and team leads to learn what SAFe® is all about and how to use it?

This simulation is also for employees who work in teams and want to learn how to apply SAFe® principles in their own work.

Before starting a SAFe® program or training, this simulation can be used to create a basic overview of what SAFe® is all about. This will increase the success rate of the program or training.

When finished a SAFe® training this simulation can support transferring knowledge from training to day to day work. Students can apply the theory into a realistic and safe learning environment to bring the knowledge to the level of understanding and applying. 

Details about this simulation

Duration : 1 full day

Group size : 9-10 students

No specific knowledge required.

This simulation is available in an online and classroom version.

Interested in Fly4you (Classroom & Online)?

Fly4You is a young airline company. Promoting and selling flights to young travellers. Recently they have released their new website with booking functionalities but this was not a huge success. Some features did not work and some were too late. This is putting the company at risk. To enable them to be ‘fit-for-the-future’ the management team had a meeting and came up with a transformational roadmap. A series of new services were planned for the coming months. The CEO also decided to mitigate the risks of the past and scale up the IT capabilities. To do this he has asked a SAFe® expert to start implementing SAFe® principles into the organization. This goals of this initiative are: -Faster deployment of new services -Less errors and rework -More happy employees -More business and customer value