Business Simulations

Professional Business Simulations, or serious games, are interactive workshops in which teams of employees work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. The environment can be the same or a totally different context to the 'normal' working environment. In a simulation each participant will play a role and has specific tasks, responsibilities and authority.

Participants must discuss and agree how they will work together as a team. Our Business Simulations are facilitated by trainers who provide the team with support and instructions and who also helps the team reflect on their experiences and what they have learned. The facilitator can also help reflect on how to translate the learning points into the participants own working environment.Simulations are played in a number of rounds so that participants can see, feel and experience improvements as the simulation progresses. It is the reflection moments between rounds when people learn and make improvement choices that will have an impact in the next round.

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Different games for different problems Agile & LeanDevOpsIT GovernanceProject ManagementService ManagementVendor management
Different games for different problems Agile & Lean DevOps IT Governance Project Management Service Management Vendor management
The Phoenix Project ONLINEThe Phoenix Project ONLINE
Why use The Phoenix Project ONLINE?

This simulation is for teams that work remotely and need to learn how to effectively work together in a remote world.

MarsLander ONLINEMarsLander ONLINE
Why use MarsLander ONLINE?

If you want to teach students the ITIL4 basic principles, this ONLINE variant will make this possible.

Why use MarsLander®?

Many organisations have implemented ITIL® and are searching for solutions to become more Agile and Lean. We also see DevOps is coming fast. Many ITSM teams are not ready for this. If you want to explore with your teams how to move from the current ITSM way of working into more Agile and Lean, this is the simulation that can help!

Hollywood DreamsHollywood Dreams
Why use Hollywood Dreams?

In this simulation, you will experience what it means to run IT services with the support of multiple suppliers. You will experience how to integrate, orchestrate and contract outsourced IT services with multiple suppliers. How to build the bridge between the business (demand) and underlying service providers (supply) in order to deliver the value that the business needs

Fly4you (Classroom & Online)Fly4you (Classroom & Online)
Why use Fly4you (Classroom & Online)?

This simulation will focus on the following key items: - Translate strategy into execution and shifting from output to outcome - Aligning end -to-end teams and creating buy-in from business and technical stakeholders. - Creating an agile organization with supporting practices and cultural values. - Dealing with changing and sometimes conflicting business priorities

The Phoenix ProjectThe Phoenix Project
Why use The Phoenix Project?

DevOps seems to be the latest 'buzzword' and trend in the IT industry. Driven by the business need for ever faster deployment of new functionality and frustration with the time and effort it takes to get new systems into Operations. It is no longer a question of 'should we adopt DevOps' ,but 'when and how'. However DevOps represents a significant cultural and behavioral change and many organizations fail to address this in their adoption. This game can be used to help explore and understand DevOps, and to identify and agree concrete actions for adopting and deploying DevOps practices.

The Phoenix Project for businessThe Phoenix Project for business
Why use The Phoenix Project for business?

If you want to run a short, quick DevOps simulation with a small team of managers from IT or Business.

UBanQ - an IT4IT™ business simulationUBanQ - an IT4IT™ business simulation
Why use UBanQ - an IT4IT™ business simulation?

If you want to know more about IT4IT™ If you want to like to practice with the IT4IT™ concepts after following a regular training,

The Challenge of Egypt - AGILEThe Challenge of Egypt - AGILE
Why use The Challenge of Egypt - AGILE?

If you want to learn how to apply AGILE principles. If you want to learn how to create real Customer Value.

Apollo 13™Apollo 13™
Why use Apollo 13™?

Many IT organizations are struggling to deliver quality services. Despite the massive investment in training, ITSM improvement initiatives are failing to deliver the hoped for value. The services are too unpredictable, unrepeatable, expensive and pose unacceptable business risks. The IT organization is still not Customer or Service focused. This simulation will help translate ITSM theory into practice, create buy-in and capture concrete improvement actions, helping to realize a customer focused culture and improve service quality..

Challenge of Egypt - TraditionalChallenge of Egypt - Traditional
Why use Challenge of Egypt - Traditional?

Between 60 - 80% of projects fail to realize the required results. Despite the enormous amount of PM certificates in PMI or Prince2. This is generally not because of the lack of education or theory, but lack of understanding of how to translate theory into practice, or the lack of the right behaviors within the team. If you want to learn how to translate theory into practice, assess your project behavior and processes, and identify how to improve your project management performance, this simulation can help.

Why use CarGO?

In this simulation the team of participants will act as teams within the CarGO organization. Business, IT and IT Vendors will work together in making the organization more successful. Step by step the team will apply the basic IT Service Management processes and will learn how to deal with different business and IT situations.

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Why use Grab@Pizza™?

70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business. The business and IT relationship is under strain, both parties blaming the other. IT is under increasing pressure to improve. New, disruptive technologies such as Cloud and social media, are emerging rapidly and businesses are demanding more and more IT. How can IT align with the business to ensure investments in emerging technologies deliver value, without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities? How can IT and business improve their relationship and gain a better understanding of each other? This simulation can be played by both business & IT people and can help create a better understanding and a shared commitment for improving business & IT alignment capabilities.

Why use TOPMeeting™?

Project organizations are continually faced with too many projects and too few resources. Continually changing project demands. Project organizations must learn to balance these demands and quickly and effectively allocate resources, manage projects to deliver value. In this simulation a team must manage multiple projects, facing unforseen set-backs, changing business and market demands. The team must demonstrate control, present information and proposals for balancing demands and priorities and steer on realizing project value and mimizing business risks.

Why use 2020™?

Change is the norm. Financial pressures, globalizations, increasing and changing consumer and customer demands are forcing many organizations to initiate complex programs of change, requiring a need to also manage the organizational aspects of creating buy-in, overcoming resistance and embedding new ways of working into existing operational departments and teams. Most changes fail to realize their aims, most meet with resistance and delays, creating frustration, wasted time, effort, energy and costs and a demotivated work force. This simulation will help you develop the capabilities to effective manage organizational change.

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Ocean's 99™Ocean's 99™
Why use Ocean's 99™?

If you want to create awareness in your teams, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your security processes, if you want to train your employees in efficient and effective way combining knowledge and skills.

Why use CarWorks™?

Words like LEAN, LEAN SIX SIGMA, AGILE are words we hear often. But what do they mean? How can they help to both reduce wastage & costs and improve the performance of your organizations processes and your teams. Time to market is crucial at this moment to stay ahead of the competition. Reducing costs and wastage is important in a climate of financial uncertainty. The need to align with and deliver value to customers is a must have capability. If you want to learn how to achieve this through effective process improvement approaches and improved team capabilities then this simulation can teach you how.

The Greatest Move™The Greatest Move™
Why use The Greatest Move™?

The rapidly changing global market and increased competition is forcing many organizations to reengineer and design new processes to become more agile, to drive out costs or to become more customer driven. However many organizations fail to gain the hoped for results from investments in Business Process Management (BPM) and process reengineering initiatives.This simulation will teach you the critical success factors to ensure your initiative succeeds. Helping bring people together, create dialogue, buy-in, shared understanding and capture concrete improvement initiatives.

Apollo13 - ISMApollo13 - ISM
Why use Apollo13 - ISM?

This is the ISM variant of Apollo13, Learn about the ISM method and approach, Experience how to apply this ISM approach and increase ITSM performance. Based on Apollo13 - an ITSM case experience.