UBanQ – IT4IT™

UBanQ – IT4IT™

  • Understand the concepts IT4IT
  • How to create awareness about IT4IT™ for management and process managers
  • In addition to traditional training programs

Do you recognize this?

  • An explosion of fragmented, siloed tools to plan, build, deploy and manage increasingly complex services.
  • A need to integrate end-to-end data required to deliver and manage services into one shared ‘backbone’ of information?
  • The need to work in value streams that link all end-to-end activities in the IT chain, in order to realize more customer value?
  • The need to manage the huge business demand and use the available capacity efficiently without increasing costs or risks?

UBanQ – an IT4IT business simulation


You work for this innovative bank UBanQ. Which stands for YOUR BANK, or YOU BANK. We want to be your bank, but we also want you to do the banking work yourself.

You are one of the employees of this new and innovative bank. This bank is one of many digital banks in the world. But UBanQ claims to be different, their aim is to become one of the top 3 banks in the world. For this, they must change their way of working and they have decided to start using the IT4IT™ principles to make their IT Products and Services cheaper, faster and better. Your role is to run the day-to-day business of this bank, implement the challenging new Features and Services and adopt and embed this new way of working based on IT4IT™.


The simulation is designed for roles inside and outside of IT. Since this simulation is aimed at exploring and experiencing a new way of working this simulation does not require any specific knowledge to participate.

Employees of IT (Operations) teams can explore how an end-to-end way of working can make their work more enjoyable and better – and find their way in these new value streams.

IT managers and team leaders can learn how to implement the IT4IT principles in their own organization.

Development teams can experience how to integrate their work into the new value chains to maximize their efforts in line with business needs.

Business roles can learn how to manage the portfolio of programs and projects and make the right decisions to lower the IT costs and increase value to their customers.

All roles can learn the importance of the end-to-end alignment and integration of data in an increasingly complex landscape of tools and frameworks.

Duration of the simulation: 1 day
Number of participants: 8 – 12
Basic expertise: No basic understanding IT4IT is needed
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