About GamingWorks

GamingWorks is a Dutch company. We are designers of Serious Business Simulations and have partners all over the world. We were founded in 2003 by Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt. 

In 2019 GamingWorks became part of the Eraneos (powered by Quint) as a separate entity with still the GamingWorks approach and services.

We have developed a long list of powerful business simulations to support organizational change.

GamingWorks is official Platform Partner of Scaled Agile Inc.  Our SAFe serious business simulation Fly4You is recognized and officially approved by Scaled Agile Inc. 

This simulation is spot on and touches the essence of SAFe and the Challenges our customers are facing. This is a unique product we like to support”.

Dean Leffingwell (SAFe creator and methodologist)

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