GamingWorks Quality

Quality measures

Our products are delivered worldwide through our international partner network. To ensure that our partners deliver our products according to our standards of quality, and to ensure that our products meet the learning expectations of the customers using them, we have deployed the following quality measures:

  • Intensive train-the-trainer and certification program for all of our products and services
  • Evaluation forms for delivery of our products or services, to be completed by both the trainer and the participants
  • Statistical information about all performances
  • Product improvement and release process using the captured feedback and suggestions from trainers and participants

Train-the-trainer program

The train-the-trainer program consists of a two day session in which the simulation theory is explained, the simulation technique is learned and applied (learning-by-doing) and the trainers learn to facilitate the learning process of the simulation attendees.  After this two day program the student needs to deliver at least one session on their own observed and appraised by a certified simulation trainer. After a successful delivery, the trainer can call themselves a Certified Trainer.

Evaluation forms

At the end of each session participants and teachers complete an evaluation form. On these forms the participant will give feedback on the content of the session and the quality of the trainer. The trainer will give feedback on the material and support from GamingWorks. This way we keep track of the quality of each performance and trainer, so that, if necessary, we can give the trainer additional training or support and we can gather improvement suggestions to help us improve our products and services.

Statistical information

All evaluation scores are captured in our database. This helps us to monitor and identify quality trends, deficiencies and geographical differences. Contractually we have the right to remove trainer certification if the scoring is below a certain threshold, in practise this is rarely done. In practise what happens is that trainers receive additional training, coaching and support to bring them up to the desired level.

Product improvement and release

Captured improvement suggestions are prioritized and added to our product improvement plan. New product improvements are made available through our websites and can be downloaded by all partners. All partners have access to our download site.


We evaluate partners according to the following standards:

  • Partner understands all delivery requirements and the benefits of our products.
  • Partner uses intake sessions for each delivery to determine the objectives of the session, the setup of the session and the way that session reflection needs to take place.
  • Partner is able to use our products as a learning instrument which supports and enables the customer with their learning objectives or performance improvement initiatives.
  • Partner is able to help the customer translate the session results into follow-up plans and actions.