BPM Training for SaraLee

Published on Sunday 15 April 2012

The Problem / The Challenge

Saralee had initiated a BPM implementation project. One of the challenges they faced was to create an overall awareness and understanding of BPM within the team of project managers. GamingWorks was asked to facilitate an awareness session for the project management team of 85 employees.  The objectives for this session were:

  • Create an awareness and understanding about process based ways of working
  • Teach employees how to translate customer needs into process Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Teach employees how to create a management and control capability to ensure that processes realized these KPI’s
  • Create a shared understanding of what BPM would mean for the competences of the employees

The Solution

GamingWorks designed a custom made interactive workshop containing 5 parallel Apollo 13 sessions. Each team had it’s own facilitator who would reflect on the objectives of the day. The focus of the workshop was on BPM aspects such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Supply chain management, Measuring, Reporting and Continual improvement. After the sessions each participant completed a questionnaire to identify what they had experienced and learnt, and the relevance of this to their own BPM project and to their own organizational performance.

The captured results were discussed in a plenary session. The results provided the project sponsor with insight into potential bottlenecks and concerete improvement suggestions for ensuring the success of the BPM project.

The Results

  • Detailed information about ‘points of attention’ for the next project steps.
  • Shared understanding of the key success factors for the BPM project
  • Detailed understanding about the added value of Continious Improvement
  • Gap analysis between the current situation and the objectives