TNT Post – Information Management awareness

Published on Sunday 15 April 2012
GamingWorks and Equaterra have designed a special Business Simulation to support the IT Management team of TNT post to implement the key processes of Information Management.

This project with the experts of Equaterra and TNTpost took 3 month of development and many tests. Now 120+ employees have participated this exiting Business Simulation.

This Business Simulation puts the employees for one day in a virtual company E_Logix. The Business is moving fast and they sign new contracts, change there electricity offerings to their customers and change their requirements. It’s the challenge of the IT department to manage the demand and supply chain so the business can make money and become market leader.

The team will experience:
  • their new roles (application consultant, information manager, architect et cetera)
  • their new processes (projects, changes, incidents)
  • the new required behavior
GamingWorks has developed a public business simulation about Information Management called BookStore™