21st of June – Free demo run online Marslander

Always wanted to know how to play the MarsLander Online?

Join us online for this free demo run of the online Marslander at 15.00 to 17.30 AMS time.

Register below or e-mail: Claudine Koers at C.koers@gamingworks.nl

Why use MarsLander®?

Many organisations have implemented ITIL® and are searching for solutions to become more Agile and Lean. We also see DevOps is coming fast. Many ITSM teams are not ready for this. If you want to explore with your teams how to move from the current ITSM way of working into more Agile and Lean, this is the simulation that can help!

The majority of organizations are being challenged with the need for remote working and remote learning. Remote learning of new ways of working such as Agile, DevOps, ITIL4 but also the need to learn to improve remote communication and collaboration skills.

This ONLINE simulation is based on the classroom simulation MarsLander. Focus of this simulation is on the following aspects:

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively in remote teams
  • Use of collaboration tools
  • ITIL4 and ITSM

There is an additional ONLINE set of MarsLander EXERCISES that can be incorporated into ITIL4 or ITSM courseware or run as short decison maker workshops.

Here are the captured learning and takeaway actions from an itSMF UK ITIL4 Masterclass session using the Marslander ONLINE.

Here are some of the challenges with remote working that you may recognize, and how these were explored using an ONLINE simulation workshop.

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