8th Annual Business & IT Alignment Masterclass


GamingWorks will be presenting for the 8th time at the Business & IT Alignment Master classes organized by the Masterclass Institute and the BITA center in the Netherlands.

The theme of this years program is ‘Information Strategie Anno 2013 – Business & IT alignment new style’.   GamingWorks will once again be conducting an ABC workshop during the module  ‘Communication: the basis for alignment’. I personally wouldn’t have called it ‘New style’, I would have called it ‘New wave’ which fits more with Herman van Bolhuis’s description of ‘the Perfect storm’. However, It may be business and IT alignment new style, but the fundamental building block remains attitude, behavior and culture.

Module: “There needs to be more communication” – a common statement in most organizations. The gap between the language the business speaks and the language that IT speaks remains a large one. Is the problem the different “language” used? Or is it because IT’ers come from Mars and  Business people from Venus? What does communication comprise of? How can we efficiently and effectively communicate? What does communication mean for a learning and knowledge creating organization? Do we need to reengineer the communication process or just a more professional approach in the area?’

One aspect of communication between business and IT alignment is ‘do we understand each other?’. In the ABC of ICT workshop we will be using the ABC worst practice cards to perform the ‘Customer exercise’. What do we know about the perception of IT’s capabilities? How do they perceive our attitude? Our behavior and the culture of IT? Do we know and understand the impact f what we do on business performance?

What initiatives have we currently deployed or are we deploying to bridge this gap in perceived and needed capabilities? What do we need to change to communicate to the business that we say what we do and do what we say. Action, after all, speaks louder than words when it comes to effective communication.

….and when it comes to using ABC to help improve the communication with the business….why don’t we ask the users!