SMFS – Zürich, Switzerland

GamingWorks  will be presenting at the SMFS

Programm 2023 | Service Management Forum Schweiz SMFS


World Coffee Sessions (45min)

14:20 – 15.05 Uhr –Track: Scaled Agile Organization – World Coffee Raum Bern 1-3

Multiple teams working Agile a headache for business? 
Experience and experiment in the serious game Fly4You how to scale successfully.
Many of the organizations who are doing ‘digital transformations’ are confronted with multiple agile teams in a value chain. The challenge is to prevent delay in delivery,  reduce dependencies, be agile to embrace changes, handle unplanned issues and create value together. Business representatives and multiple teams contributing to one value chain makes collaboration and communication key. In the serious game Fly4You, participants will experience scaling agile from strategy to execution. They will translate business goals to strategic themes, prioritize a backlog, run a full PI Planning exercise, and will experience how to deal with issues during the PI execution.

In this DEMO we play a piece of the game and experience some of these challenges in the company Fly4You: Fly4You a SAFe simulation from strategy to execution – YouTube