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Reserve the date: Wednesday 19 August……the Countdown has begun!

Suresh GP will be representing GamingWorks at this years itSMF Conference in Australia. His challenging workshop will be entitled ‘Gamification: Apollo 13 – Failure is not an Option!’.


According to ITIL “A Service is a means of delivering Value to customers by facilitating outcomes they want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.” As IT becomes increasingly critical to business operations ITIL & ITSM is being adopted by more and more companies to bring IT under control. ITSM is becoming a strategic capability!

Unfortunately 70% of IT companies are unable to demonstrate the value of ITIL initiatives and 52% fail because of resistance. This causes additional wasted time, effort, energy and costs and creates a business risk. We can no longer afford NOT to have ITIL initiatives succeed. In the words of Gene Kranz the Apollo 13 Flight director “Failure is not an option

The questions and issues facing you as an IT manager are:

  • What are the key reasons for failing?
  • How can you ensure you avoid these fail factors?
  • How can you ensure ITIL/ITSM is focused on delivering measurable, demonstrable value?
  • How can you create buy-in and commitment from EVERYBODY to use best practices?
  • How can we successfully translate ITIL/ITSM theory into practice and demonstrate value?

That is the aim of the business simulation Apollo 13. In this interactive simulation we will help you gain answers to these questions. You will learn what you, as a manager needs to do to realize success.

The Motto of the NASA Mission Operations Control center is:

RES GESTA PER EXCELLENTIAM” – “Achievement through excellence

The ‘Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience’ is an interactive business simulation workshop. During this workshop participants will see, feel and experience the benefits of applying best practices on organizational performance: ‘cost of ownership’ ‘effectiveness and throughput of processes’, ‘customer satisfaction’. In this workshop participants will enact the roles of the Mission control team of Apollo 13. They will have to use their ITSM theory to design, implement, evaluate and improve their own ITIL based processes. They will have to work together as a team, take decisions, agree and apply their own working practices in order to meet their service level targets and save the astronauts. In 1970 Gene Kranz and his team delivered operational excellence….Could you perform as well? Do you dare to try? Can you afford to fail? We challenge you to become Apollo 13 mission control and translate ITSM theory into practice to save the astronauts.

At the end of the session we will capture the success and the fail factors encountered during the simulation. We will produce a report, including the critical success factors of more than 1000 organizations for making ITSM best practices work. These insights into success and fail factors will help you ensure YOUR ITIL initiative really does deliver value and reduce costs and risks.

“Is a simulation simply a nice-to-have addition to ITSM training or is it a need-to-have instrument to help change attitude and behavior? See what customers thought in our global survey“.  


Suresh GP Suresh is the Managing Director of TaUB Solutions and Board of Director of itSMF India. He is also the Regional Manager of GamingWorks delivering business simulations to customers worldwide. He is a regular blogger and International Speaker at itSMF Australia, itSMF UK, itSMF NZ and SITS. He has over 14 years of IT experience in different facets of ITSM, IT Governance, Project & Program Management & Information Security Management. He was awarded the ITSM Contributor of the year 2013 by itSMF Singapore.

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