itSMF Fusion, USA

GamingWorks is proud to be hosting two pre-conference workshops at Fusion this year.

Why these workshops? Many organizations are embarking upon ‘digital or agile transformation’ initiatives. Prompting the need for new ways of working such as DevOps and ITIL4. But these new ways of working demand a mind-set and behavior change, they represent a significant cultural shift.

These workshops show how experiential learning, such as business simulations can be used to support and enable these transformation initiatives.


We will be running a MarsLander half-day workshop to focus on ITIL4. Exploring some of the key concepts in the latest framework and learning how to translate theory into practice and capturing some concrete actionable takeaways you can take away and apply immediately.

Why you may want…..NEED to attend!

Phoenix Project

We will also be running a Phoenix Project half day workshop to focus on #DevOps, exploring concepts such as the 3 ways and learning to effectively collaborate as end-to-end teams. At the end of the session capturing concrete actionable takeaways to start applying #DevOps concepts – it isn’t ALL about CI/CD pipelines and tools!

Why you may want….NEED to attend!

Trans4Mation for Dummy’s

We will also be presenting ‘Trans4Mation for Dummy’s’. What is transformation? what has to transform? who has to transform? what does it mean for YOU as an ITSM professional? We will be revealing the findings from more than 400 organizations and giving you seven practical tips to take away.

Save the dates Oct 7, 2019 Pre-conference workshops.

Oct 8, Trans4Mation for Dummy’s. (It may have another title, but look for the session with Paul Wilkinson