itSMF Trondheim

GamingWorks is delighted to have been invited back to perform two sessions for the itSMF in Norway, at the itSMF Trondheim event ‘ITIL-dagen 2013‘ to be held 30 October.

The session times and descriptions are:

12:30 – 15:00

ABC of ICT Workshop
Paul Wilkinson
ABC of ICT (Attitude, Behavior, Culture) is the number 1 success or fail factor for ITSM improvement initiatives. ABC is like an Iceberg, much of it is hidden yet it is capable of causing serious damage…to your ITSM improvement initiative and more importantly to your organization. How to make the hidden ABC Iceberg visible? In this workshop delegates will be using the ABC of ICT cards as an assessment to make ABC issues in their organization visible. At the end of the session Paul will present the top 10 success factors according to industry experts for dealing with ABC.

15:15 – 16:00 closing plenary session.

How to increase the Return on Value of a training investment, realizing demonstrable value
Paul Wilkinson
There are more than 1.5 million ITIL certificates yet still 70-80% of organizations do NOT get the value from their training investment. Current approaches obviously are not working. In this session Paul Wilkinson will show you how to increase the return on value of your training investment, realizing sustainable, measurable performance improvements, using a case study.

A full program listing can be found here.