itSMFUK Annual Conference

GamingWoks is delighted to have been invited once again to present at the itSMF UK annual conference in Bishopsgate, London 18th – 18th November.

I will be presenting ‘Trans4mation for Dummy’s’, based on the findings from more than 400 organizations embarking upon ‘Digital Transformation’ (whatever THAT means!) journeys. We will be exploring ‘what is transformation’? ‘What needs to transform (from an ITSM perspective)’?, ‘Who needs to transform’? and more importantly ‘What does it mean for YOU’!

I will be showing 12 areas for transformation and giving 7 takeaways.

Why should you attend? Digital disruption is a fact.
All IT organizations will be impacted, business leaders are demanding that IT organizations transform their capabilities.
This means MORE than adopting the latest cool frameworks and gathering a bunch of certificates! this requires a significant mindset, behavior and culture change. Are you up to IT!

Come and find out!

View the Conference agenda here.