Latin America Partner Event 2013

The last few month we received a lot of new partner requests from Latin America. We can imagine that the costs for this train the trainer program are an issue. Therefor we have decided to plan an Latin American Partner Event 2013
We plan this 5 days program from 4-8 February 2013 in Buenos Aires. 


The program


Day 90 minutes session Full Workshop 60 minutes session
Monday4 Power of simulations Apollo 13an ITSM case experience Facilitation of Simulations
Tuesday5 Intake and customization Grab@PizzaBusiness  IT Alignment Transferring Knowledge
Wednesday6 GamingWorks portfolio short 1 hour demo’s of all simulations How to sell simulations?
Thursday7 Power of Simulations The Challenge of EgyptProject Management Facilitation of Simulations
Friday8 Intake and customization TOPMeeting or PMO simulation Transfer of Knowledge

We are currently planning the location and the venue.

This program offer you the following:
  1. As aspirant GamingWorks partner to learn a lot about the value of Business Simulations and how they can create value for your business.
  2. As aspirant GamingWorks partner you experience the full run of the simulations. You learn about the scenario, about the content of the simulation, about the effects on learning. And increases the quality of the Train the Trainer.
  3. As current GamingWorks partner you can learn how to increase the quality of your delivery. You can observe the experts who designed the simulations and who were responsible for 500+ simulations all over the world
  4. As current GamingWorks partner you can learn how to position the simulations and increase your own sales.
After this 5 days program you can definitely increase your sales and your delivery performance.
Your host
Your host is Sergio Veltri, our Latin America Channel Manager
Most of the session will be in Spanish and Sergio will guide you through the sessions.

Your trainers are the Dutch developers of the Simulations Paul Wilkinson or Jan Schilt.




The costs for this session are 100 USD per person per day

This price includes:

  • a Free GAME-set for each of the current partners  (one per company)
  • 30% refund on Train the Trainer program
  • drinks and diners and food and coffee during the sessions

For own costs:

  • travel
  • accommodations


CONTACT DIRECTLY Sergio Veltri at or contact gamingworks