#Pink19 – Back to the Future

No doubt #Pink19 will be overshadowed by attention to the upcoming ITIL4® release. A word of caution! Lets go back and look at mistakes we made in the past with the way we developed ITIL skills and not make these mistakes again in the future. “Whilst there is value in the certificate, real organizational value comes from being ABLE to apply the theory and demonstrate business benefits”. That is one of the reasons we wrote the 8-Field whitepaper for Axelos, which I strongly recommend that people read and apply when they are considering investing in the next set of certificates (This doesn’t just apply to ITIL!). This is also one of the reasons for the latest addition to our GamingWorks portfolio – ‘MarsLander’ a simulation to help translate ITIL4 theory into practice and capture concrete actions to take away.

I will be happy to discuss ITIL4 and MarsLander at #Pink19, however that is NOT the topic of my presentation. GamingWorks will be at #Pink19 looking back on the discoveries from more than 400 teams having adopted DevOps and giving pragmatic tips for your future DevOps journey. These are the experiences of teams having participated in the Phoenix Project simulation game. These are experiences from Dev, Ops, Sec, Testers, Product Owners, Business Portfolio managers, IT managers and CIO’s. Below are a number of links to blogs containing key discoveries by these stakeholders.

For many the future holds either an initial investment in their DevOps journey or a need to scale up their existing DevOps capabilities. ‘One thing is for certain ‘the People factor’ is the most critical success or fail factor’.

Whether it is the end-to-end Dev and Ops teams, managers who need to change leadership styles and behaviors, Product managers who need to shift from a ‘feature’ focus to an ‘outcome’ focus, or CIO’s who need to transform IT capabilities to ensure they are ‘Fit-For-The-Future’. The Attitudes, Behaviors and Culture will determine the success or failure of your future DevOps initiatives. In this session we will reveal critical success factors to accelerate your journey and improve the chance of success!

Monday 18 Feb 10:30 to 11:30 Track 5: DevOps will fail…..Unless!

Our presentation will be drawing upon discoveries and findings from our studies in 2018. If you are deploying or about to deploy DevOps please take a look at some of these links below and share links with the various other stakeholders involved (i.e managers, CIO, Product owners).

itSMF USA Executive Connections  – DevOps and ITSM, insights from Gene Kim about the importance of people and behavior change – not just IT but also the business.

#Does18 Challenges & Enablers for DevOps success – Findings from the DevOps Enterprise Summit. The need for transformational leadership, culture challenges and tips from Industry experts.

Core Skills for DevOps success related to the State of DevOps findings – the importance of Culture and Leadership. Findings from 400 teams mapped to advice from the last 3 years ‘State of DevOps’ findings.

Courage: A core DevOps Leadership skill – Behavior change for Leaders to empower change.

Is YOUR organization fit for the future?  – key challenges and tips for from CIO’s for CIO’s

DevOps: Creating High Performing Teams Starts with the Product Owner – The need for Product Owners to change their behaviors, confirming advice from Gene Kim in the Executive sessions above and tips from Industry experts at the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

DevOps: Fraternizing with the enemy – DevOps is all about effective communication and collaboration. Yet many have no idea what collaboration looks like. What behaviors will we see? Do YOU know? Do your teams agree? Do your leaders support and empower these behaviors?

‘Yehbut! Communication in the age of DevOps’ – Why do we struggle with effectively communicating? Why is ‘DevOps’ the wrong label?

3 Reasons DevOps initiatives fail and tips to avoid them – Taken from 400 teams. These top 3 tips are confirmed in findings from Gartner ‘The Secret to DevOps success

So if you are embarking upon, or recognize some of the challenges in these blog links then please come and have a chat or visit my presentation at #Pink19, or if you have words of advice and experiences you would like to share with the community let me know.