Protecting organizational Reputation through Cyber Resilience





“With the constant threat of information security (or cyber) attacks, you need to focus on more than just prevention:

Will your organisation’s reputation be enhanced or ruined when it’s attacked?

Cyber Resilience is about resisting, responding to and recovering from attacks and it depends upon people and processes as much as technology. The challenge for all organisations is to embed best practices into the culture of their organization”.

GamingWorks will be supporting Zindiak, one of our UK partners with a Cyber Resilience workshop to be held in both Manchester & London on the 4th (Manchester) and 5th (London) of February.

In the workshop delegates will take part in the Oceans99 business simulation in which they will explore and apply best practices to prevent the criminal organization Oceans99 from stealing precious works of art.

During the one day workshop delegates will also gain insights from Axelos Cyber security and resilience experts and discover how RESILIA can help organizations develop Cyber resilience skills.

To sign in to the events:

4th February, Manchester

5th February, London

These events are part of a series of global Cyber security and resilience events that our partners will be organizing, with contributions from Axelos and supported by GamingWorks. See the discoveries made during the Glenfis event in Switzerland.