Hybrid Train the Trainer

Due to Covid-19, many open-train the trainer sessions where canceled. Also in-house Train the Trainer sessions (at the office of our partners) where postponed. We have done a series of experiments with a ‘Hybrid Train the Trainer’.

This is how it works.

Step 1 – Online introduction (2-3 hours)

In an online session, supported by MURAL, we train the trainers in all materials and scenario’s of the simulation. This way the trainer can learn how the simulation is designed, the learning aspects and the structure of the simulation. This session takes about 3 hours. After this session we ship a BOX-set to the office of the new trainer to support step 2 in the program. The teacher also get access to a set of instruction video’s about ‘how the simulation works’.

Step 2 – Practical Exercises

In a short online session we introduce the BOX and the teacher materials that can be found on our Download page. The trainer will receive a set of practical assignments to learn the simulation from a practical view. He can also use the MURAL to play/practice.

  • Setup the student tables
  • Setup the teacher table
  • Play parts of the simulation (with one or more students)

We also ask the trainer to go through a 100 Question List to test the main skills to facilitate the simulation.

Step 3 – Online Question and Answer session (2-3 hours)

This session will focus on the experiences of the teacher after doing the Practical Exercises. Goals is to make the trainer comfortable to run a first full simulation. We we also go through the answers of the 100 Questions List.

Step 4 – First full run of the simulation

This is an important step in the learning process, the first run with a team of real students. This team can be a group of colleagues or a first customer.

Step 5 – Certification session (1 hour)

This sessions is to celebrate the first full run and answering the final questions from the trainer.

At this moment we can call the trainer a CERTIFIED TRAINER.

Available Train the Trainer programs at this moment

We can offer this program for the following simulations:

  • The Phoenix Project classroom and online
  • MarsLander classroom and online
  • Fly4You classroom
  • Apollo 13 classroom and online

If you are already familiar with the online variant of the simulation, we will focus mainly on the differences.

Interested in this program, please contact office@gamingworks.nl