MarsLander2 Instruction Video’s

This page shows a series of Instruction Video’s for the MarsLander2 simulation. These video’s will help you to prepare your deliveries. And gives you a good insight in how we designed this simulation. Best is to watch these video’s with the material in front of you, nicely ordered and structured as described in the Quick Reference.

Video production by

This first video is the introduction of the series of video’s.

Let’s check what materials and room requirements this simulations requires.

This video shows why this simulation is important:

Also look at the link between this simulation and ITIL4.

This video is about how to introduce the simulation at the start of the day. This presentation is a guidance for the teacher to see how to start the full day session.

This video is about how the different cards in the simulation work. It’s a overview of all cards, and how we ar using them.

This video is about the different scenario’s we have build in the simulation. It will show how different cards are used and how they are linked to each other. It gives you a good feeling how the simulation works.

This video is about the structure of the day and how to use the teacher tool to support this simulation.

This video is about the Visualization in the simulation. An example how you can visualize the work.

Since this simulation is about ITIL4, we have created this video to show how you can link this ITIL4 to our simulation:

And last but not least, we show how the scoring is done.