AirBusiness Academy

10 rue Franz Josef Strauss, 31700 Blagnac in France AR

AirBusiness Academy, an Airbus company, has been engaged in developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours of aeronautical professionals for over 25 years using a customised, practical and hands-on approach. Their strength lies not only within the close ties to their mother company and the aeronautical industry but also on the in-house faculty and network of associate consultants who collectively provide learning solutions related to managing the aviation business, managing and developing people and teams, managing and implementing operational processes and tools. AirBusiness Academy has already attended to the training needs of airlines, suppliers, airports, lessors, MRO companies and other aircraft manufacturers and is constantly striving to grow and flourish in new markets worldwide.

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Certified to deliver the following Business Simulations Trainers
The Phoenix Project
Christian Weinert
Gael Moussaoui
David Brocard
Fran├žois Richer
Jean Fran├žois Barrand
Stephan Hirsch
Alice Kontos
Jean Yves Reynaud
Nicolas Garcia
Guillaume Raverat
Olivier Cabrera
Walter Allan