Tverskaya-Yamskaya st. 25 b.1, 125047 Moscow in Russian Federation

Hello, we are Alter.

Human performance & team creative agency

Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of the organization through a qualitative change in the corporate culture.

Alter approaches business as a living organism, in which every employee is primarily a person.

What we do?

We do not answer questions; we help to find all solutions by yourselves

  • Forming relations between managers and employees
  • Develop teams and integrate them on the value level
  • Helping to build communication and build a dialogue
  • Help improve processes and business systems

Our solutions

  1. Short Track trainings
    Focus sessions aimed at quick solutions
  2. Alteration programs
    Comprehensive programs to create an effective corporate culture that unites employees at all levels
  3. Interaction programs
    Programs aimed at the planned development of business skills and competencies

We have experience in solving complex problems. Our author’s methods and individual approach allow us to achieve the best result.

In cooperation with us you will receive a reliable partner in our person.

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