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No one would argue that DevOps has had a major impact on the way we develop software. Where we used to have separate teams for dev and ops, we now have multidisciplinary DevOps teams dedicated to a specific application. The way we look at a new release has also changed tremendously. We used to think of it as a high-risk event, now we are used to deployingconstantly.

The advantages of DevOps are well known: Get changes into production quickly while minimizing risks, shorter time-to-market, continuous software deployment, etc. But the road to adopt DevOps can be quite difficult. That’s where we step in. Through consultancy, training and DevOps delivery teams, we help organizations to radically improve and accelerate their software development so they can stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly changing market.

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The Phoenix Project - DevOps
Phani Bhushan
The Phoenix Project - DevOps (online)
Phani Bhushan