ISA Informaticko Savjetovanje d.o.o.

Hinka Wurtha 3, 10000 Zagreb in Croatia AR

ISA ICT consulting is offering competences and skills acquired through practical work in the domestic and foreign IT companies.
Total professional experience of 25 years in the ICT field is the basis for the implementation of our and your mission and vision.

Thanks to the all these years of professional experience and competence we could offer YOU:

  • ‘’NEW START’’ – New company opening and outsourcing management
  •  Direct and indirect sales
  •  Printing solutions (Printing project leading through discovery of existing

printing environment and  processes, existing cost structure, suggesting

new printing structure, cost reduction planning, reporting )

  •  Implementation of Printing SW Solutions based on PRETON

Saver,Paper Cut, Lexmark fleet manger etc

  •  Sales of ERP solutions based on SAOP SW ERP application (Icentar for

large and medium businesses and cloud ERP SW solution MINIMAX

for medium and small businesses

  •  Solutions, bids and tenders preparation
  •  Sales campaigns preparation and implementation
  •  Product Management
  •  SWOT analysis of cost effectiveness and product group contribution
  •  Training and coaching management & sales teams
  •  Solution” and” Integrity Selling
  •  The introduction of products to domestic and foreign markets
  •  Budget preparation
  •  Cost structure analysis and control
  •  Market Research
  •  Events and team building organization
  •  Preparation and active participation in seminars, exhibitions and other


  •  Direct Marketing
  •  Marketing Communications
  •  Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  •  Strategic planning,
  •  Selection of personnel, organizational / team development
  •  Human resources
  •  Employee satisfaction measuring
  •  People Management.
  •  Down-sizing, restructuring
  •  Business processes development
  •  Projects leading
  •  Methodically solve complex problems
  •  Work with partners and subcontractors

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