PYM Consultores S.R.L.

Maipú 388, Piso 11 Off “I” CABA, 1006 Buenos Aires in Argentina

PYM Consultores is a company that provides training and consulting services in the IT area. We are totally convinced that training staff in problem-solving tasks and helping them apply contents in their daily work is the only way to improve and boost their productivity which ultimately leads to an increase in profits.

PYM’s highly experienced and committed professionals excel at detecting training needs and devising appropriate training plans. More importantly, we make sure trainees finish our courses knowing how to implement practically the strategies they learn in their world of work. To accomplish these objectives, PYM employs a team of academic IT specialists who cater to fulfill trainees’ needs.

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Certified to deliver the following Business Simulations Trainers
Apollo 13 - an ITSM case experience™
Rubén Horacio Sualdea