Symphera s.r.o.

U Potoka 26, 25265 Tursko, Praha - zapad in Czech Republic Regular

Symphera is a Training and Consultancy Company focusing on Project Management.

We bring experience to our customers. This experience is combined with the world-wide recognized standards and best practice. We constantly explore the better way in delivering projects and mastering the ways of teaching it.

Thus we can proudly offer Project Managers, who can train or Trainers, who can mange projects. We follow the leading standards (e.g. Prince2TM, PMI, MSP, …), have deep expertise in the field, strong partnership with the leading training organization, business insight and track record.

Our strength lies then in offering whole solution to our clients rather than just a training
or consultancy.

Symphera is based in Prague, Czech Republic, but is also helping its customers in Slovakia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. To respond to the complex demand, we are constantly extending our range of offerings. 

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Certified to deliver the following Business Simulations Trainers
The Challenge of Egypt - Traditional Project Management
Martin Kluson