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Madarász Viktor u. 47-49, Bdg. II, floor 3, 1138 Budapest in Hungary Regular

SZÁMALK is one of the longest existing education providers in Hungary. Its history is back to more than 30 years when an enthusiastic computer professional founded an institute for teaching others to these new technologies. Based on the proud history SZÁMALK was always famous for introducing and teaching the latest and most up-to-date technology trends to the Hungarian market. We can say that a generation of IT professionals grown up with SZÁMALK.

Today SZÁMALK is a broadband training provider, offering local and international IT, economics, management and soft skills training, course development, advanced courses and examination to technician and professional level. Our goal is to provide education for a wide range of customers, from the public sector to local enterprises and international providers. Based on this strategy we can offer those courses and trainings to our customers what they need most, starting with softskills through IT management to deep technical courses.

We have found that more and more corporations struggle with coping the challenges how to provide fast, effective and highly reliable services to their customers. Business simulations or gamification in general helps them to achieve this in a “sugar-coated” way. It seems like a game but this game is for life. Come and experience it with us!

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Certified to deliver the following Business Simulations Trainers
Apollo 13 - IT Service Management
Sandor Nemeth
Authorized Reseller of the following Business Simulations
MarsLander® - Next generation IT Service Management
The Challenge of Egypt - Traditional Project Management
Grab@Pizza™ - Business IT Alignment in Action
The Phoenix Project - DevOps
The Greatest Move™