The Galan Group

Pareraweg 45, in Netherlands AR

Specialists in management.
Not just advice, also action.

How does the Galan Group distinguish itself? By our focus on results.
Our priority is advising, but we also vouch for the consequences. We accomplish what we say; we show that our advice works. Within the Galan Group Netherlands Antilles and Aruba four disciplines can be differentiated:
– Governance
– Management Systems
– Process Management
– Project Management

We have in-house specialists for each discipline. However, the actual surplus value of our company is not so much the difference between these disciplines but the combination of these. In practice the request of our client seldom appears to be singular; often more than one discipline appears to be relevant. The added value of the Galan Group is therefore our broad knowledge and expertise. It is invariably about working together in order to quickly come to fitting and integral solutions in a broad field.

The Galan Group only works with its own professional management specialists. Because we are willing to couple the fee to the final result, the quality of our own people needs to have been proven in practice.

The Galan Group
Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
Management Consultants
Pareraweg 45
Willemstad, CuraƧao
Netherlands Antilles
tel +599 (9) 434 36 36
fax +599 (9) 434 36 37
mobile +599 (9) 521 79 53

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