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Kyllikinportti 2, 00240 Helsinki in Finland Regular

Wakaru ltd is a private independent company focusing on IT service management, project management, IT architecture and IT governance. The word Wakaru is Japanese and means to understand.
True to the name our mission is to help our customers better understand and manage their IT services and projects. Better understanding and management of IT will help you to align your IT with your business needs.
We are certified professionals with field proven expertise and experience in IT service management. Wakaru and our customers can also show tangible results from our work.
Our aim is to be your professional, inspiring and reliable partner in IT service management and project management. We will help you to study and understand the best practices around IT service management and project management and implement them in the most productive way.

Additionally if you want to direct people from that to what we have in detail you can add.

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Certified to deliver the following Business Simulations Trainers
Apollo 13 - IT Service Management
Petri Vayrynen
Grab@Pizza™ - Business IT Alignment in Action
Lari Peltoniemi
The Challenge of Egypt - Traditional Project Management
Lari Peltoniemi
Tarja Isosaari
Authorized Reseller of the following Business Simulations
The Phoenix Project - DevOps
MarsLander® - Next generation IT Service Management