Xelocity Limited

Pier 21 Building, 11 Westhaven Dr., 1010 Auckland in New Zealand AR

Xelocity has been helping improve the performance of New Zealand companies since 1991.

By applying our expertise in the fields of process, information, technology and project performance, we help organisations to become more productive and profitable, to deliver better service to their customers, and to be ready-for-growth.

Our team of professional consultants have real cross-industry experience and an approachable, hands-on style that allows them to work seamlessly within your company. Using leading methods, frameworks and tools, we’ll create long-term benefits for your business.

We tailor our services and always select just the right consultant for each engagement, providing the exact combination of skills and methods your organisation needs to perform at its peak.

At Xelocity, we take great pride in helping companies to be the best that they can be. It’s this committed approach that has allowed us to form such enduring relationships with our clients and to establish a proven track record across New Zealand.

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