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How the TPP Key works with the ON-LINE tool (15/2/2019)

Some of our partners have some challenges with the use of the key. Please check this video.

New features in the ON-LINE tool (10/5/2019)


How to handle DEMAND 10 – Payroll Employee Number (17/7/2019)

A: This card shows that in round 1 HR ‘came to the idea of this action’ and he wants it in round 1. That’s why it’s 1/1.

But for the team it’s impossible to do all the work in round 1. They cannot do both all demands and training actions (solve the bottleneck of Lead Engineer). So, the team must set priorities. One way is to just skip work, but that’s not what we like. Or skip training, but that will move the bottleneck of the Lead Engineer to the second round. Best way is to talk to HR and explore if this is a MUST HAVE or SHOULD HAVE (MoSCoW). Now it’s time to read the card and HR can read that this demand can move to the next round. This is something we want to teach the team. Many customers want things NOW but maybe if we confront them with the consequences like we cannot do all the work, we cannot prepare our team for the future et cetera the customers become co-owner of the backlog and will make the right decision for the whole team.

By reflecting on this item, we can teach the student something very important for the rest of the simulation and probably their work.