Privacy Policy – GamingWorks

Version May 2018

GamingWorks finds it very important that personal information is kept, and handled with care. This policy describes how we deal with private information.

We do everything we can to comply to the GDPR laws, which means in general:

  • We will use your personal data with care, and only for business related purposes
  • We will not use or store any more data, than needed to do our job
  • We will ask your permission, if we are going to share your private data to anyone for any purpose
  • We have done everything we can to protect your personal data
  • We will not share or sell any personal data
  • We are aware about the rules and rights related to your personal data and information

If there are any questions about this, please contact one of the owners, see below.

Private data (company data)

Your information will be used for the following purposes:

  • Invoicing
  • Shipment of materials
  • Certificates
  • Trainer information on our website
  • Communication via emails and newsletters
  • Invitations for trainings
  • And any other reason which is related the reason we shared information

The information that we store and work with:

  • Name of the company
  • Address (street, country, building)
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Bank Account number (for payments, and invoices)
  • VAT Number and company registration number
  • Contact information for logistics and finance:
    • Name of the contact person
    • Email of the contact person
    • Telephone number of the contact person
    • Invoices (Sales figures, ordering information)
  • Personal level
    • Name of the trainer
    • Email of the trainer
    • Telephone number of the trainerOn company level

Sharing of information with third parties

We only share information with the following third parties:

  • Bookkeeper, for our financial administration
  • Dutch TAX authorities, for tax administration

We will never share any information with other third parties, unless forced by law.

Security of your information

Your data is stored on our server, which is stored at our office. This server is only accessible from internal workstations and via a Virtual Private Network connection by the two owners of the company.

Email is stored on our private exchange server and is only accessible from internal workstations and via a Virtual Private Network.

Email addresses of our trainers are stored on an external location of Mail Chimp. This is for the newsletters we are sending.

On our website, we only store the following data:

  • Name of the partners, with link to their own Website, and contacts.
  • Name of the trainers, certified to deliver our simulations
  • Trainers and partners can login to our partner area to download materials for delivery and marketing purposes. This area does not contain any private data.

GamingWorks is not using any cookies on our website.

Rights to access or update your private data

If you want to access, remove or update any of the private data we store on our servers, please contact our contact persons. We are always available to share with you what data we are storing and you can request us to remove or change any data.

Questions and contact

For any questions, please contact one of the following persons:


Paul Wilkinson, Jan Schilt,



Raadhuisplein 27A

2411 BD Bodegraven

The Netherlands

+31 172615169