Welcome to the Fly4You SAFe simulation

Why would you add this serious game to your training or projects?

  • This simulation will encourage a team of employees to work on SAFe challenges and develop the skills needed to make SAFe projects successful.
  • This simulation results in faster acceptance of SAFe principles and quicker integration in employee’s day-to-day scaled Agile environments..
  • The mixture of theory, skills and behavior will guarantees a faster transfer of knowledge

What is the Fly4You simulation?

  • Fly4You is a full day serious business simulation for teams of 8-12 students.
  • Fly4You started their scaling program with 3 development teams, IT team, an architect, product manager, release train engineer and 2 business roles.
  • During this simulation, the team will experience how SAFe ‘works’ from strategy to execution.
  • Teams will translate business goals to strategic themes, prioritize a backlog, run a full PI Planning exercise and will experience how to deal with issues during the PI execution.

“This simulation is spot on and touches the essence of SAFe and the Challenges our customers are facing. This is a unique product we like to support”.

Dean Leffingwell
(SAFe creator and methodologist)

Want to start facilitating this simulation?

Become a partner of GamingWorks. You or your trainers will follow a train the trainer program. After this program you will be able to purchase licenses per session based on a pay-per-use model. No annual fees required. Now you are ready to start delivering Fly4You simulation to your customers.

Join an open-class train the trainer or organize a train the trainer in your office with your own team of trainers.

More information?

If you are interested in becoming a partner, or if you like to receive more information about Fly4You, contact us.

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