60 Chinese IT specialists running the Phoenix Project simulation

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Having 60 Chinese IT specialists running the Phoenix Project simulation on a Saturday in Beijing.


By Jan Schilt, GamingWorks


It’s the HPE Building in Beijing, the 20 aspirant trainers are ready for their 2 days intensive Train the Trainer for the Phoenix. 2 Days to prepare for the first big Business Simulation Competition in Beijing. Organized by The International Best Practice Alliance and GamingWorks.


The competition between 5 company teams was quite exited. Companies prepared their best IT DevOps teams with the best experts they had. 5 Teams that were competing each other to become the best Phoenix Project team.


We ‘scored’ the team on the following values:


  1. Total Revenue at the end of the simulation
  2. Share price at the end of the simulation
  3. The growth in the number of releases/deployments
  4. The growth in quality (success rate)
  5. The number of incidents solved


And, of course, how they applied DevOps principles to achieve their goals.









Look at how many people read the Phoenix Project?


The outcomes where quite exiting:

For most of the teams the number of deployments went high by applying flow and visualization. Later in the rounds 3 and 4 only the good teams could really manage the workload and new feedback from the business into more deployments. The blue team was the winner with continuous growth of deployments.



The quality of the second round was a problem for most teams. They implemented their new tools and automation and this took some time to create real value. But most of the teams showed how the quality improved by applying teamwork, continuous learning and experimenting. A very good result.




At the end it’s all about business value. The winning team managed to reach $359.000 and showed how high performing teams can not only increase the deployment rate, the quality but also create more value to the business.

Target for this simulation was $300.000.




At the end we captures the lessons learned of the team. It’s was very impressive to see what they actually learned/discovered during this session.



Lessons learned by the teams the Phoenix Project


Take time for building your team

Clear roles and responsibilities

Take time for creating the right culture

Build trust, no blame culture

Learn to deal with uncertainty

Involve the business, product owner

Focus on value, not just fill your time

Visualize your work

Avoid waste, rework, disruptions

Keep the flow

Use standups to improve communication

Share knowledge

Create multifunctional teams

Plan time for learning and experimenting

Measure your performance

Celebrate success learn from failure



Read more about the Phoenix Project simulation :


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