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The GamingWorks business model is based upon the creation of a world-wide network of partners capable of delivering our products themselves. We believe in localized delivery in local languages in order to best meet the cultural and language demands of each country. As such we are continually looking for training bureaus and consulting companies throughout the world that want to add our products to their own training or services portfolio.


We have two types of partnerships. Authorized Resellers AR (An AR will sell our products to their Customers. They will buy a license and a hire trainer from GamingWorks to deliver the product to the Customer). Certified Delivery Partner CDP (A CDP sells the products and deliver the products with their own Certified Trainers, a CDP need only to purchase the product license from GamingWorks).
GamingWorks has a limited number of partners in each Country. We believe that by having a limited number of partners we can create more market awareness, offer the customers choice and not create too much competition by having many partners. We look for a balance of partners in a country (training companies and consulting companies).


Partners of GamingWorks are granted a non-exclusively right to deliver our products in agreed geographical areas.  Our business model is aimed at helping our partners realize growth, generate revenue and increase their image in the market in which they operate. To help our partners we offer sales, marketing and delivery support in order to help them generate revenue and deliver excellent quality.


To use our products a partner needs to sign a License Agreement. A License agreement commits them to purchasing 1 or more licences to use the product. A licence entitles them to use a product, for example to play 1 simulation game for 1 customer. The more licences a partner signs up for the lower the licence fee they need to pay each time they use a product, or play a game.


To become an Authorized Reseller a partner needs to follow a half day introduction session or a participate in a telephone conference call. During this session the partner will learn more about the following subjects:

  • Objectives, target audience and set-up of the product
  • How to position this product
  • How to integrate this product into the portfolio
  • How to generate more business using the product
  • Discuss marketing and sales initiatives

After this session the partner will be added as Authorized Reseller on the GamingWorks website.


To become Certified Delivery Partner a partner need to follow an intensive Train the Trainer program. This program has the following steps:

  1. Sign a License Agreement
  2. Two days Train the Trainer session. During these 2 days the partner will learn:
  • Objectives, set-up, target audience
  • Detailed instruction of the game program, content, facilitation and reflection
  • Hands-on exercises in setting up and delivery
  • Success and fail factors, Tips and tricks and best practices on how to deliver the product and realize customer learning objectives
  • How to position and offer this product
  • How to integrate this product into the portfolio
  • How to generate more business using the product
  1. A trainer then needs to deliver a game using our product to a Customer audience. During the session the trainer will be assessed by a certified GamingWorks trainer. This is to ensure that the trainer can deliver the game to meet the quality demands of GamingWorks.

At the end of this Train the Trainer the aspirant trainer will be certified by GamingWorks and the partner can call themselves a Certified Delivery Partner. The partner and the trainerwill be added to the website as Certified Delivery Partner and Certified trainer.

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