Advantages to be a GamingWorks partner

Are you looking to:

  • generate new revenue streams and add value to your customers?
  • offer higher level solutions to decision makers?
  • be able to offer broader and deeper levels of solutions to generate more opportunities of supporting and enabling customers to achieve their goals?
  • provide solutions that are cost effective for customers in these difficult financial times?
  • incorporate experiential learning exercises into your traditional best practice courseware (e.g: ITIL, Prince2)?

Then becoming a partner of GamingWorks may help you realize these goals.

(picture : Westergaard Denmark)

Being a GamingWorks partner gives you access to a portfolio of Business Simulations you can add to your product and service offerings to your customers. It also gives you access to our insights, experience and knowledge in using Business Simulation all over the world in many different types of organizations and situations.

As partner you can benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Using our Business Simulations to extend your portfolio of training or consultancy offerings.
  2. We can help you learn how simulations enable you to offer higher (senior management) , broader (accross teams and organizational divisions) and deeper (all employees within departments) solutions to your customers.
  3. We offer our services and free materials to support you in promoting and demonstrating the value of Business Simulations for your customers.
  4. We offer you our time and energy to present at conferences, customer or marketing events. We have performed many key-note presentations and round table sessions and workshops throughout the world. We can offer the following types of sessions:
    1. Sharing best and worst practices from all over the world (500+ sims, 4000+ people interviewed)
    2. Running short demo’s of our simulations to create awareness, to help people learn, to capture critical success and fail factors, to capture and share knowledge.
    3. Presenting experiences and case studies showing how Business Simulations improved the performance of teams and organizations.
  5. We support your sales with intakes and customer meetings. We teach them how to postion Business Simulations and how to run intake sessions themselves.
  6. We train your trainers not only how to deliver the Business Simulation, but also how to create value for the customer, how to become a good consultant facilitating the team to achieve higher performance, and how to create follow-up opportunities.
  7. We support you with integrating our Business Simulations into your training and consulting portfolio.

Each of our partners in unique in what they offer, what they want to achieve and how they want to position themselves in the market.

This is why we engage with you to understand your offerings and ambitions so that we can help you develop the right messaging and positioning of simulations to help grow your business.

We can work together face-to-face or we can Skype® or have a telephone conference, with your sales, marketing and delivery staff to ensure we can support you.

If you are still not sure about how games can be most effectively used or what the benefits of games are then have a look at our global survey results.

If you want to know more about becoming a partner check ‘How to become a partner’ or contact us