DevOps is exploding….Globally!!

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It certainly seems that 2018 is the year DevOps gets serious….globally! GamingWorks, working together with DASA (DevOps  Agile Skills Association) and their accredited training and consulting organizations have been travelling and organizing ‘MeetUps’, simulation workshops and Train-The-Trainer sessions around the world.

In the past 2 months alone we have been to Japan, China, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, UK,  Germany and have had partner events in Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary and India as DevOps becomes increasingly mainstream.

Here is a summary of discoveries from a recent session in the USA. We will also be presenting ‘DevOps will Fail…..unless’! at Fusion and doing a walk-through of the Phoenix Project simulation.

One thing becomes increasingly clear as we gather more and more feedback from practitioner organizations accross the globe – The critical importance of DevOps Leadership skills for middle managers. We explored this topic in a 3 part blog series on the DASA website.

Here are our latest findings from 2 leadership teams. How does your management/leadership team rate on these discovered behaviors?

It looks like the remainder of 2018 and 2019 will continue to be a whirlwind tour to promote DevOps, DASA, The Phoenix Project Simulation and share DevOps experiences.

Are your leadership skills ready to realize the full potential of DevOps?
Are you fostering effective communication and collaboration skills in your organization?
Are you ready to challenge yourself and your teams in the Phoenix Project Experience?

Contact us, or one of our global partners if you want to challenge yourself or your team!



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