14th of June – Free demo run online Fly4You – SAFe

Why would you add the SAFe game to your training or projects?

  • This simulation will encourage a team of employees to work on SAFe challenges and develop the skills needed to make SAFe projects successful.
  • This simulation results in faster acceptance of SAFe principles and quicker integration in employee’s day-to-day scaled Agile environments.
  • The mixture of theory, skills and behavior will guarantees a faster transfer of knowledge



Dean Leffingwell (SAFe creator and methodologist):

“This simulation is spot on and touches the essence of SAFe and the Challenges our customers are facing. This is a unique product we like to support”.

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General outcomes

  • How can we organize digital transformation programs?
  • What are the key elements of a SAFe® approach?
  • How can SAFe® principles benefit the organization?
  • What is the impact of this way of working for an organization and how can we deal with this?
  • How to involve all stakeholders when ‘implementing’ this way of working?

 Specific outcomes

  • How to define a Strategic Theme?
  • How to prioritize Features and Enablers on a Program Backlog?
  • How to prepare for a successful PI Planning?
  • How to execute a PI Planning?
  • How to involve Business roles in this process?
  • How to prepare a Program Board?
  • How to work with multiple teams focussing on the same outcomes?
  • How to be flexible and scalable when building new systems and services?
  • How to implement a SAFe® ‘culture’ in an organization?

 Who is this simulation for?

  • This simulation is for managers and team leads to learn what SAFe® is all about and how to use it?
  • This simulation is also for employees who work in teams and want to learn how to apply SAFe® principles in their own work.
  • Before starting a SAFe® program or training, this simulation can be used to create a basic overview of what SAFe® is all about. This will increase the success rate of the program or training.
  • When finished a SAFe® training this simulation can support transferring knowledge from training to day to day work. Students can apply the theory into a realistic and safe learning environment to bring the knowledge to the level of understanding and applying

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