Baltic Project Management Days

On 2 days GamingWorks was part of the Baltic Project Management Days in Riga. Running a Challenge of Egypt in the morning of the 16th and a presentation about ‘Make your projects better  by Learning Processes’.

In the morning Simulation a team of 10 participants run the Challenge of Egypt. At the end of the session the results were not that well:


We asked the Participants 2 major questions:

  1. What were the Fail Factors you discover today by running this simulation. 
  2. What are the related Success Factors you suggest we need to implement in our Project Team

REFLECTION : Fail Factors

  • Poor project startup
  • Roles, responsibilities, processes
  • Lack of instruments to control/steer own work
  • Too many roles are steering
  • Lack of proactive approach

THINK : Success Factors

  • Give whole PM team time to learn
  • Training, Kick off etc
  • Communicate expectations, roles, responsibilities AND AGREE, YES means YES
  • Use Work Packages, Tolerances, Empowerment to control and steer project on the execution level
  • Remove useless activities, double roles and responsibilities
  • Use PMO / PA to prepare decisions 

Later during the day i delivered my presentation about learning processes and i used the outcomes in the morning as example.

If you are interested in the whole presentation you can download it

Make Your Projects Better by Learning Processes RIGA v1