GamingWorks and ITpreneurs sign Partner Agreement

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GamingWorks is delighted to announce a Partnership with ITpreneurs, a leading provider of learning solutions for IT best practices.

The primary goal of the partnership is to integrate ‘lite’ versions of existing games into foundation courseware material, to enhance the learning experience with practical hands-on exercises. This will also help generate awareness, interest and spin-off for full games to help support best practice deployment programs. 


What does this mean for GamingWorks partners?

To expand your portfolio and create new markets with emerging best practices, or to maintain existing best practice courseware is timely, expensive and requires a lot of man hours that preferably could be spent engaging with customers. ITpreneurs core business is developing and maintaining innovative best practice learning solutions including both traditional classroom and e-learning solutions.  These ready-made solutions offer a faster time to market and a high quality of content for GamingWorks partners.


What does it mean for certified game facilitators

Not all of the ITpreneurs partners will be willing or able to invest in developing a pool of certified game facilitators. ITpreneurs partners will be able to call upon the extensive world-wide network of certified GamingWorks partners and game facilitators.


What does it mean for market position?

The increased global marketing and messaging through ITpreneurs and its partner network will help raise awareness for the power and value of the GamingWorks simulations, helping generate more market demand and opportunities for the complete GamingWorks partner network. Existing partners will be able exploit this market awareness to market and promote their own unique case studies showing how they use simulations in both training and consulting engagements to add value to their customers.

If you would like to know more about the partnership and how this could add value to your portfolio of offerings please contact Paul or Jan.



October 19, 2013, Rotterdam, Netherlands—ITpreneurs, a leading provider of learning solutions for IT best practices, and GamingWorks, an industry leader in designing, developing and deploying professional business simulations are working in partnership to enrich IT best practices training with the usage of business simulations.

This new partnership allows ITpreneurs’ Partners to tap into the entire GamingWorks portfolio and benefit from an extensive range of business simulations for various IT best practices, including ITIL®, PRINCE2®, COBIT® and BiSL®(business simulations range from Apollo 13 (Service Management), Grab@Pizza (Business IT Alignment), Challenge of Egypt (Project Management). They will benefit by incorporating experiential learning exercises into traditional courseware and leveraging this to generate new revenue streams and adding value by offering cost-effective solutions, even in tough economic times.

“A Business simulation game is a form of experiential learning, or learning-by-doing. People from different departments, representing the complete end-to-end service delivery chain, can be brought together to participate in a game environment. People learn, in a number of game rounds, to translate theory into practice. We are delighted to team up ITpreneurs to bring learning innovation to the market.” Paul Wilkinson, Co-Founder, GamingWorks.

For more than 10 years, Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt (Co-Founders of GamingWorks) have built an international network of over 250 partners, who have helped hundreds of organizations tackle business challenges and support organizational learning and development with business simulations. Effective deployment of business simulations has helped many organizations translate ITSM best practice theory into practice, create buy-in to an improvement initiative and empower people to improve the way they work—increasing the return on value of investment in training.

“GamingWorks has one of the most robust and comprehensive portfolios of business simulations on the market and we, at ITpreneurs, are excited about our strategic partnership with them. It’s a partnership born of a shared desire to lead innovation in IT Best Practices training with exciting learning interventions. Training is much more than just earning a certificate. Business simulations are powerful vehicles to make learning stick and have proven to support organizational change initiatives and best practice implementation programs. Besides offering GamingWorks’ broad portfolio, ITpreneurs will be offering the next level of ITIL training, using simulations, as well as developing new simulations together with GamingWorks. This allows us to take IT best practices to the next level.” Sukhbir Jasuja, CEO, ITpreneurs.

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