GamingWorks joins BiSL coalition

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GamingWorks is pleased to announce its participation in the Global Information Management Coalition inbitiated by the ASL BiSL foundation. The not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation has formed the Global Information Management Coalition to help put Information Management on the IT Service Management landscape. (See Press Release)

The first organizations to join the coalition are APMG, Capgemini Academy, GamingWorks, itSMF USA, Quint Group and Van Haren Publishing.

Why? A recent survey by the Corporate Executive Board revealed that 39% of CIOs will be investing in information management in 2012. Why is this? The top four themes in ‘Trends in Business & IT 2012/13’ implies a clear growth in the importance of IT as a business enabler. This, coupled with the explosion in disruptive technologies and the demand they create is causing an information management headache for many organizations.

A Forrester report revealed that only 15% of IT leaders said they were aligned, whilst 80% of business managers stated the importance of IT in delivering value in terms of lowering costs, improving productivity, acquiring and retaining customers.

BiSL (Business Information Services Library) is the latest framework to get onto the radar of IT decision makers and those in the business who recognize and appreciate the opportunities and the risks. Although the framework has been around for almost a decade in the Netherlands, it is now gaining attention and APMG is offering BiSL related global accreditation and certification. Why is it gaining attention? It is the most comprehensive set of guidance to address the information management headache. The IM Coalition wants to help organizations to adopt and apply the BiSL framework in an effective way. They will do this by sharing best practices in deploying BiSL, organizing events and hosting simulation workshops and courses to enable people to see, feel and experience these issues and discover how BiSL can be used to help solve these issues and align business and IT.

The IM coalition will be launching an Information Management Roadshow in various regions, starting in the Netherlands. In the Roadshow session you will discover how BiSL (Business information Service Library) and supporting instruments can help you ensure that Information Management becomes an enabler and not a barrier to success. In the roadshow events we will be using our Business simulation Bookstore to help capture critical success and fail factors for dealing with Information Management and showing how BiSL can be used as an assessment and improvement instrument.

We will be posting news on roadshow events and sharing the captured critical success and fail factors with the ITSM community. See the latest Critical Success and Fail factors: BIM CSF CFF v2b


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