ITIL Forum 2013 – Zurich

Published on Saturday 15 June 2013 by in News with 1 comment

Early June GamingWorks was invited as Keynote speaker at the ITIL Forum 2013. Together with Rob England, Jan Schilt presented some new ways of looking at the IT Service Management world.

Rob explained his approach of ‘Standard+Case’ read more

and Jan presented the 8 fields model read more

Also watch both video’s to get a quick impression of both approaches:

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1 comment

I found your comments on the ITIL edocutian interesting, as there are a number of immersive ITIL simulaton/gaming solutions currently on the market. Our organization develops them for HP, BMC etc and they’re set in realistic high-impact scenarios such as Airport, Formula 1 racing etc. Certainly better than death by powerpoint!

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