New Partnership with OGD ict-diensten

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GamingWorks is delighted to announce a Partnership with OGD ict-diensten in the Netherlands.
OGD has more than 30 years experience in IT consulting and Professional Services.

What started the partnership?

OGD recognizes that many IT organizations have adopted ITSM best practices such as ITIL® and are now transitioning from ‘Service Provider’ to a more ‘Trusted Adisor’ and ultimately ‘Strategic Partner’ role.

This growth in maturity requires a change in behaviors and practices from both IT and the business. With the growing importance of IT in the age of Digital Transformation it is time to raise the ITSM game. From ITSM 1.0 with ITIL being perceived as an ‘operational’ capability to ITSM 4.0 – ITSM supporting business in the 4th Industrial revolution.

OGD is now a Partner to deliver the Grab@Pizza – A business and IT-Alignment simulation. This simulation can be played with end-to-end IT teams to help raise awareness for the new demands on ITSM capabilities, and at the same time capture concrete improvement actions to take away.

The simulation can also be played with Business & IT teams to raise awareness for the need for both business & IT to change behaviors and adopt new capabilities such as ‘Service Portfolio management’.

The simulation is an important new additional to their organizational change portfolio help change attitude, behavior and culture and create ITSM 4.0 capabilities.

See here the new announcement from OGD.

See here an article (In Dutch) from John Latour, Senior Management Advisor, OGD – explaining ‘Why effective collaboration between Business & IT is so important’, showing some of the key learning takeaways from a Grab@Pizza session.


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