Ordina new GamingWorks reseller

Published on Friday 25 January 2013 by in News with no comments

We are very proud to have Ordina as our new Authorized Reseller. With Ordina we have added a new Consulting Competence to our international network. With Marc Bos and Donald Wijsman, we have experts with a solid foundation in ITSM skills to work with. Much of Ordina’s customer base is alo faced with a need to transform the ITSM capabilties. The business simulations of GamingWorks provides a platform to help change the attitude, behavior and culture within IT organizations and bring Business and IT alignment a step closer to reality. We are looking forward to a very successful collaboration. Marc Bos: “With this new partnership with GamingWorks we are able to use the world wide experience of GamingWorks in using Serious Business Simulations to help realize sustainable organizational change and improvement”. Ordina is going to focus on Apollo 13 (ITSM), Grab@Pizza (Business IT Alignment) and BookStore (Information Management).

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