The POWER of simulations for solving TOP ITSM issues – at #Pink15

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GamingWorks is delighted to be involved once again in the annual Pink Elephant conference. At this year’ s event we will be showing the power of simulations for helping to solve TOP ITSM issues for 2015. Many organizations think that simulations are ‘ Nice-to-have’ awareness instruments as add on to make ITIL training more FUN. Our survey and our sessions demonstrate the POWER of simulations, when used correctly, for realizing sustainable behavior change!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015: 7:15am – 8:15am: Breakfast Club

How To Use Business Simulations To Create REAL Customer-Focused Behavior
Paul Wilkinson, Director, GamingWorks BV

When I started in IT 30 years ago, I was told IT needed to be more customer-focused. Despite the massive investment in best practices such as ITIL in the last 20 years, a survey of more than 200 IT organizations worldwide,  revealed ‘customer focus’ as one of the top scoring concerns of both the CIO AND the business! In this session we will explore a case showing how one organization used a business simulation game, coupled with the 8-field approach to transform behaviors and create measurable improvements customer satisfaction and customer VALUE.

For too long now we have focused on Education and theory and not enough on translating theory into practice and translating knowledge into sustainable results”.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015: 1:00pm – 3:45pm: Half–Day Workshops

How To Use Business Simulations To Solve the Business & IT Alignment Problem
Paul Wilkinson, Director, GamingWorks BV

“In a recent SIM (Society of Information Management) study, Business and IT Alignment (BITA) scored number three on the list of top priorities while talent development was scored at number two. For more than 10 years BITA has been a top 10 issue, and for more than 10 years it has been a struggle to develop the right skill sets to solve the problem. Part of the problem, according to Paul, is the way people are taught and the way theory is translated into practice. The problem is partly because of the business not taking ownership for its role and responsibility for effective governing IT. How can these issues be solved” ?

In this simulation (Grab@Pizza) you will explore:

  • The top alignment failures (from both the business and IT perspective)
  • The top 10 ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Culture) alignment worst practices taken from more than 2000 organizations
  • Concrete actions to take away
  • How to justify the investment in ITSM improvements to the business
  • How to create awareness and buy-in from the business to invest in ITSM and to effectively govern IT
  • How a business simulation helps translate theory into practice and capture concrete improvement actions to take away

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