Successful PMOSimulation in Brazil

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Caballero and Associados had their first PMO Simulation in Campinas (Brazil). On two days they delivered a Challenge of Egypt and a PMO Simulation to 12 of their customers. Both simulations were rated with a 9 out of ten.

We are very proud to receive a spontaneous quote from one of the participants.
Dirceu Silva is PMO Manager for one of the biggest telecom companies in Brazil.

During the full day simulation the team had to build the highest building in town.

The focus of reflection was:

  • What is the role of the PMO?
  • How can we deliver value to the project?
  • What are fail and success factors?
At the end the team captured the Fail and Success Factors of a PMO:


Not using the Project Plan to organize PMO activities and tasks Support for the decisions PMO propose
Passive attitude. Have or prepare good metrics to monitor and control
Lack of control Develop and implement efficient processes and procedures
Undefined tasks and responsibilities for PMO and others in the team Standardisation of work processes. Means repeatability.
Lack of communication plan. When, what to report, how and to who Implement internal audits to assure quality and minimize risks
Lack of correct information from project members Be involved during project startup
Lack of clear procedures and clear way of working
No support of the Management


More information about running this PMO Simulation in Brazil, check our Certified Delivery Partner Caballero and Associados 

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